As BOE members, we will hold the administration ACCOUNTABLE as chartered.


As BOE members, we will be RESPONSIVE to students, parents, and the public, pledging to never leave them in the dark.


As BOE members, we will be TRANSPARENT, open, and forthright in all our communications.


Tim White

Board of Education

The BOE needs to restore good government principles by providing greater accountability, transparency, and responsiveness to the electorate.

Faith Ham

Board of Education

My background, as a mother and former reporter who has lived around the country and the world, and a teacher who taught in a highly diverse and competitive school, gives me an informed perspective that will be valuable to the board as it deals with a host of issues unique to the social and fiscal conditions of our town and state. We face a number of pressing concerns in the coming years: school culture, budget and funding constraints, an aging physical plant, and a local and state economy that begs for innovation. There is no easy answer for any of these challenges. But I will ask difficult questions that might challenge the status quo but have at heart the interests of students, their families, and the community.

Gary Riccini

Board of Education

. I believe in giving back to the community and I am passionate about ensuring all kids in Cheshire receive the educational experience that they deserve. If I elected I will bring back accountability, responsiveness, and transparency that is needed to move CPS forward.

Andrew Martelli

Board of Education

I’m a product of the Cheshire Public School System having graduated from CHS in 2000. For over ten years in my professional life I was an integral part of the City of Waterbury’s New School Construction Program while working for the Waterbury Development Corporation. During that time, I directly oversaw a district wide facility study that resulted in the development of four new elementary schools, The Waterbury Career Academy High School, and district wide school building renovations. I’m aware of the challenges facing our School district and know that my experience, ability to communicate and can do nature will be beneficial addition to the Board of Education. I’m ready to get to work!

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