Rob Oris

Town Council At-Large

Now more than ever, we need strong, experienced leadership to navigate through the many difficulties facing municipalities. I have lead the TC with a spirit of bi-partisan collaboration and cooperation not seen before. I have always adhered to a standard of fiscal prudence during all budgetary deliberations to insure Cheshire stays affordable for all, especially our seniors. Maintained our AAA bond rating in the face of ever-increasing state fiscal issues and have supported targeted investments in our community to support our schools, public safety, land preservation, and quality economic development.

Tim Slocum

Town Council At-Large

We are at a point in the town’s history, that despite a shrinking student population, we must begin to address a plan to modernize our school buildings. Working with a new Board of Education planning must be undertaken to address legitimate needs that won’t break the back of taxpayers. I do believe what goes on in the classroom is far more consequential than the schoolhouse itself but only maintaining the oldest buildings a big expense too. My commitment to the process is to listen, learn and engage the taxpayers in every step we take.

Sylvia Nichols

Town Council At-Large

I am proud to be a part of a uniquely collaborative Town Council which, under Republican leadership is listening and responding to citizen concerns. Unlike the state and federal government impasses, we are addressing significant issues such as school modernization, upgrade and maintenance of our recreational facilities, economic development, town infrastructure and more. Tax increases have remained low, we operate with a balanced budget and we have a fund balance to protect the taxpayers from financial challenges.

Paul Bowman

Town Council At-Large

Please Re-elect Pual for Town Council At-Large.

David Borowy

Town Council At-Large

I believe our school facilities are in need of a significant review. The last time there was a comprehensive facilities review was the early 1990’s and much time has passed and enrollment changes that a new review is warranted. It must be a collaborative effort with the town council (holding the financial control) and the board of education (educational control) as well as community members. The plan must be educationally sound, fiscally affordable and include our community as a whole.

David Veleber

Town Council 1st - District

.We need to continue to make smart choices about spending to protect property values and help keep Cheshire attractive to residents and businesses while maintaining important services for youth, parents, and seniors. We also need to continue to modernize our schools in a fiscally prudent and responsible manner and attract more quality economic development to town.

Guy Darter

Town Council 2nd - District

I am asking for your support in keeping the 2nd District Republican because the need to keep the Council fiscally responsible is more important than ever before. Bonding will be a hot topic over the next two years with the upgrades needed for the schools. We must maintain our AAA bond rating and the mil rate increases that will result from the borrowing required to fund these improvements. These upcoming decisions will affect the taxes you and I pay for the next 20 years.

Don Walsh

Town Council 3rd - District

.The 3rd District has been lacking a voice on the Town Council for the past 3 years. I will be an engaged Council member who has the knowledge and experience to help keep Cheshire affordable and moving forward. I have been an alternate on the Planning & Zoning Commission for the past 1 ½ years where we made several important changes to entice businesses, so I understand the key to keeping our town affordable is through economic development.

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